Family & Relationship Law

Family & Custody Solicitors in the Launceston, TAS Areas

In matters of parenting and finance, Bishops can bring clarity at a difficult time. Family and relationships law is a highly complex area which requires specialist knowledge, resources and a genuine interest in people and their problems. At Bishops Barristers & Solicitors, we serve our clients in all parenting and financial matters, including residence, contact, property division and child support matters including complex settlements involving corporations, trusts and farming properties; injunctions and restraint orders. 

Dealing with family and relationships law requires support by solicitors who practice predominantly in that area of law, backed up by others in the firm with skills and expertise in the many and varied areas of law that can become involved when the division of property and assets becomes necessary. Bishops Barristers & Solicitors provides that level of support and more to our clients.

Advice from well-meaning, but untrained friends and relatives may actually aggravate the situation by perpetuating illusions. We cannot solve your problems for you, but we can give you independent and accurate advice that will reduce the anxiety of uncertainty, promote your security and peace of mind and empower you to enforce your rights.

We are a firm that's friendly and helpful, reassuring and professional and never condescending. We offer you the expertise of the largest team of Family Lawyers in Northern Tasmania, including our Managing Partner, Steve Bishop, whose family law credentials and experience are highly respected.
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Bishops Barristers & Solicitors Offers
Family Support in Many Areas

  • Marriage and relationship breakdown and general advice about the law, procedure and costs.
  • Property division including: companies, trusts, partnerships, business relationships, and superannuation.
  • Residence and contact (custody and access).
  • Spousal maintenance and child support.
  • Registration of deeds of relationship and declarations of relationship.
  • Binding financial agreements, personal relationship arrangements and separation agreements.
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Call a Divorce Lawyer From Bishops Barristers & Solicitors Today!

Divorce is a time of change and great emotional upheaval for families. Disagreements that have caused the relationship breakdown can be intensified by conflicts over the children, the division of property and financial arrangements.

Settlements which are reached by one winning party often lead to enduring conflict. In the midst of anger, hurt and fear, Bishops Barristers & Solicitors can help resolve conflicts to restore relationships for the welfare of the children. 

Our approach doesn’t always include traditional trials in court; we find that mediation often is enough to come to a resolution that accommodates each person’s needs. Mediation is a process which emphasises the participants’ own responsibilities for making decisions that affect their lives. In addition to mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation provide alternative means for resolving disputes.
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Family Lawyers Here to Serve You and Your Family!

There are more myths and misconceptions circulating in the community about family law than any other area of law. Relationship breakdown is traumatic enough without the added burden of uncertainty and worry about your legal rights. Bishops have friends in law you can turn to for guidance through the legal process. We can direct you to the other caring professions such as counselling and medical, and if necessary start and maintain legal proceedings.

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