Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

Whether you’re young or old, it’s always important to plan for the future. At Bishops Barristers & Solicitors, we know how to help our clients to make the most of what they have, now and in the future. Our team will assist you with any of the following: 
  • The preparation of simple, mutual and complex wills.
  • The obtainment of probate & letters of administration. 
  • The administration of estates.
  • The conduct of interpretation trials in the Supreme Court.
  • Testator’s Family Maintenance Act and Family Provision claims
  • Disputing the Validity of Wills through Undue Influence or Coercion
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Update Your Will

As your circumstances in life evolve, it’s important that your will is modified to reflect that. Changes in life include marriage, divorce, change in estate value, change in heirs, and other major life situations. Bishops Barristers & Solicitors can ensure that all documentation is taken care of to modify your will or the will of your spouse. We can handle everything from simple wills to complex administration of estates. Call us to begin.

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